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Would you like to share your helpful household hints? New Tips and Tricks are always welcome!

I realize that there are so many great household hints around that I would never be able to include them all by myself! I also realize that there are probably many, many tips and tricks that I have never heard of or tried.

That is where you come in!

If you have a household tip that you do not see on this site, please share it! Believe me I am still looking for easier ways to do things and I am sure everyone else would greatly benefit as well.

Use the form below to contribute your household tip. Please give your tip a title that will make it easy for others to identify what your tip is about and be as specific as possible in your description so that others will be able to benefit from your tips and tricks.

And please do not worry that your helpful hints may already be somewhere on the site. I know that you cannot search the whole site to be sure it is not already there. I will direct viewers to the page that has that particular tip already in place if it already exists. Besides you may just have an improvement for an already great tip.

Wanna Share Some Tips and Tricks?

Do you have a great household tip? Please Share it!

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Removing Rust Stain From Sile Stone Countertops 
I recently discovered a rust ring and stain on my kitchen sink area. There was a metal statue sitting there and it had left a rust stain that I could …

Improve Shelf Life of Chillies 
After washing the chillies, trim the stems off, wrap them in dry paper towel, and then refrigerate. This practice completely eliminates the growth of fungus …

Human Urine Odor 
Urine Odor Tip from John I recently remodeled my in-laws home after they either passed away or were put into a managed care facility. We'll all get …

Free washing machine filter 
Household Tip from Shari Use the nylon net your onions come in from store. Tie it around the end of the hose that drains into your tub. It catches …

Using Weather Stripping to Keep Areas Under Appliances Clean 
Cleaning Tip from Andrea If you always cringe at the pet hair or dirt that collects under low sitting appliances like the Washing machine or cabinets, …

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