Removing Rust Stain From Sile Stone Countertops

by David Elrod
(Kansas City, MO)

I recently discovered a rust ring and stain on my kitchen sink area.

There was a metal statue sitting there and it had left a rust stain that I could not remove. I tried
suggested strategies, such as rubbing alcohol, vinegar and finger nail polish remover.

None of them worked.

I needed something that would penetrate the stain, but not dull or scratch the stone counter top.

I stood at the sink and thought what do I have that would work.

Then I thought, I'll try a Polident Denture tablet. I dribbled water on the rust stains and started moving the tablet around with my finger over the rust spots.

To my amazement it removed the stains. The tablet was almost dissolved. It took about 5 minutes.

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