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by Shari

Household Tip from Shari

Use the nylon net your onions come in from store. Tie it around the end of the hose that drains into your tub. It catches all the lint and keeps it from blocking the drain.

My Response:

Great tip Shari! I love household tips that also include recycling!

Your tip can be implemented in a matter of a couple of minutes, but it could potentially save several hours of aggravation and possibly even a great deal of money.

Plumbers are not cheap!

Since my washing machine drains in a drain pipe all its own instead of a laundry tub, I don't have this problem, so I probably never would have thought of passing on this household tip.

Thank you for submitting your laundry tip. I am sure there will be lots of people out there whose washing machine does drain into their laundry tub and they will be forever grateful to you for your advice.

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Free washing machine filter NEW
by: Anonymous

Clothes washers don't have a build up channel, only a channel and flush cycle. Contingent upon your model of dryer, the buildup channel will be found simply inside the dryer entryway fore of the drum or on top under a little entryway. university assignment help .Clean this channel by hand preceding each utilization eliminates dry time and keep machine working at optimum level. Utilize a leaf blower or shop vac to victory the dryer fumes vent once per month: force machine far from divider, move behind with a flathead screwdriver, release neckline securing enormous silver hose, addition leaf blower or shop vac spout into hose, wrap with towel to dodge build up blowback, turn on machine, shake hose a LOT to oust build up which will be extinguished into your yard to be tidied up..

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